Coconut oil

One of my best health tips is Coconut oil. I love it and I am addicted to it! I use it daily in many different ways. Coconut oil is a great source of fat. It consist of over 90% raw saturated fat witch is an important building block of all the cells in the body. The saturated fat in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that helps with weight loss. They are easily digested and the blood transport it directly to the liver to be converted into energy! Coconut oil has a very high smoking point so its the perfect oil for cooking even on high temperatures. I always cook with coconut oil and it gives the food a lovely taste. Coconut oil is great to to use as a supplement and especially when taken with Omega 3 and 6 as it helps the body to use it more efficiently. When you take omega 3 with coconut oil it becomes twice as effective as taking it alone. I take around 3 tablespoons of coconut oil every day just as a supplement. I have read that the Victoria Secret models swear by it.

I use coconut oil in so many ways! Internally and externally. You can use it a a spread instead of butter, make salad dressing, mix in your smoothie or porridge etc. I also love using it as a beauty product. Its a great makeup remover, moisturizer and hair mask! When I use it as a hair mask i put it on dry hair and sleep with it during the night and then wash it out with shampoo in the morning. That way I won’t be left with any residue only shiny soft healthy hair! It is also so good for your skin and I use it day and night. I noticed when I started to use it on my body my tan I got this summer has lasted forever! I still have a great tan from July and usually I am really pale by this time of the year. I will always use coconut oil as a after sun from now! I also make my own body-scrub with coconut oil and its so beautiful I don’t even have to use any moisturizer after.

As always I buy Organic and choose the raw extra virgin oil that is least processed. Coconut oil is liquid and clear in temperatures over 25 Celsius and becomes hard and white when cooler.

Some health benefits of coconut oil:

  • improves digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and amino acids
  • support the thyroid functions
  • supports weight-loss and improves metabolism
  • healthy hormone production
  • stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • contains anti-aging antioxidants
  • fights infections
  • supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • restores the skin and keeps it youthful.
  • helps skin rashes, psoriasis bug-bites etc
  • makes dry and damaged hair soft and shiny



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